The power of a label: customization on a small scale

Changing labels quickly on small-batch product runs is an ideal job for the flexible lines of a contract packager, as Seattle, WA-based Made in Washington Stores (MIW) learned.

Pw 6706 Roasted In Seattle

MIW stores’ shelves display an eclectic mix of locally produced products designed to attract consumers with discerning tastes. MIW shoppers are willing to spend more on limited-time products unavailable in conventional retail stores.

MIW enlisted Caffé Appassionato (, a local roaster and contract packager, to create, package, and ship small batches of different coffees that the chain markets under its exclusive Roasted in Seattle brand.

The labels are pivotal to the success of the package for two reasons. From a production perspective, as flavor batches are created and then retired, only the contents on the label need to be changed, providing production economies of scale. On the marketing side, the label graphics and other visual elements, such as an umbrella signifying the Rainy Day Roast variety, signal each coffee blend and give the brand its made-locally allure.

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