Collaborative robotic palletizer replaces manual palletizing

Improves productivity while reducing labor costs and injuries

MGS Machine Collaborative Robotic Palletizer
MGS Machine Collaborative Robotic Palletizer

Designed to work alongside humans, the MGS Machine collaborative robotic palletizer eliminates the need for a safety fence; it has a soft foam cover that protects workers who make direct contact. The palletizer handles cases weighing up to 77 lb. at speeds up to 6 cases/min. Anchored by a Fanuc CR-35ia collaborative robot certified to meet all safety requirements for sharing space with people, it offers programming capabilities, end effector tooling and integration services for secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions. The palletizer can be fitted with a variety of end effectors to handle a range of case sizes and styles. Pallet patterns, saved as recipes in the system’s memory, can be recalled to achieve changes in seconds.

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