Blending system creates proportioned mix of multiple products

Offers precision and control of recipes and costs

tna roflo VMBS 3 Blending System
tna roflo VMBS 3 Blending System

The tna roflo VMBS 3 turnkey vibratory motion blending system combines speed, continuous vertical motion and mass flow technology to deliver blend accuracy, precise recipe control and reduced ingredient costs for products like nuts and frozen vegetables that need to be proportionally mixed. The system incorporates tna’s weighing technology with an integrated load cell to ensure each ingredient is measured accurately. Each integrated ingredient input module features a compact design, comprising an infeed conveyor with hopper, control conveyor and weigh conveyor, while offering a small footprint. Depending on recipe requirements, food manufacturers can combine up to 22 ingredient input modules, all centrally controlled by a single controls system.


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