IBC discharger for low headroom areas

Offers dust-free operation

Flexicon BULK-OUT low-profile discharger
Flexicon BULK-OUT low-profile discharger

The Flexicon BULK-OUT low-profile discharger positions intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in the frame using an electric hoist and trolley, discharges bulk solid materials into a surge hopper, and conveys the material to a downstream process dust free. Lifting arms fitted with four eye hooks connect to the mobile IBC frame, which is equipped with four inverted cradle cups that mate with corresponding posts on the discharger frame for positioning the IBC outlet. When lowered into position, the tapered outlet of the IBC’s butterfly-discharge valve mates with a gasketed receiving ring on the lid of a surge hopper, allowing opening of the valve and discharging of the material with no dusting.

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