Flexible Screw Conveyor Eliminates Dumping From Safety Cages

Overcomes the issues of dust, safety, and worker fatigue when moving powders

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Flexicon Bev Con Flexible Screw Conveyor

The Flexicon conveyor includes a 25-ft long beveled-edge spiral driven by a motor positioned beyond the discharge point. The Bev-Con flexible screw conveyor features a charging adapter consisting of a trough at the outlet of a pyramidal hopper that exposes the intake end of the spiral to the powdered mix. A pneumatically actuated vibrator fitted to the hopper wall promotes the flow of powder into the trough, as the rotating spiral moves it at a 45-deg incline through the enclosed tube, discharging it into the screener. A 12-ft high caster-mounted frame with a support boom enables operators to roll the unit into position with the conveyor discharge directly above the screener and, then, to a cleaning area.

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