Bulk Bag Loaders

See them at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth N-10855! Powder-Solutions BFM bulk bag loaders have no pinch points, making them are safer for workers.

Powder Solutions Bfm Bulk Bag Loader

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Powder-Solutions BFM bulk bag loaders prevent material and dust from escaping during the bag filling process, preventing contamination of the filling station and reducing waste and costly cleanups.

Each loader has a three-layered inflatable filling head with a stainless-steel core fully encased in flexible Seeflex ether-based urethane. Standard pneumatic air inflates the sleeve in seconds, sealing tightly onto the bulk bag’s neck. After filling, the sleeve safely deflates to release the bag.

The loaders can be used on bulk bags with or without a plastic liner. They are USDA (material only), EC, and ATEX compliant.  

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