Bag Dump Station

The Volkmann Mini Rip and Tip (RNT) bag dump station reduces manual bag handling for worker safety.

Volkmann Mini Rip And Tip Bag Dump Station

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The Volkmann Mini Rip and Tip (RNT) bag dump station offers an automated sack tipping solution for loading small volumes of bulk materials and ingredients into a process. The Mini RNT accepts up to 40 L of powder, pellets, granules, and other dry solids in a hopper and then automatically discharges the material for transfer. Manual handling of heavy bags, drums, and barrels is reduced, worker safety is improved, and production is streamlined.

Typically specified as a companion for the company’s pneumatic vacuum conveying systems, the bag dump station is suitable for loading virtually any dry material in modest volumes, such as minor and microingredients and small batches in laboratory settings. The compact bag emptying station features stainless-steel construction in product contact areas as standard and is offered set on optional casters for easy movement.

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