Mixing and Material Handling Machine

GEMCO's PortaHopper® is an all-in-one mixing and material handling machine that blends in minutes, simplifying the production process.

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GEMCO's PortaHopper® is equipped with GEMCO's high-efficiency double-cone design, featuring a detachable hopper as half of the blender. By employing multiple hoppers, the system can handle and process materials in a semi-continuous cycle, reducing downtime to the minimal period required for hopper exchange. The hopper is mounted on wheels, making it easy to transport. During transportation, the hopper can be sealed with dust-tight covers. Additionally, it can be fitted with a retractable sleeve discharge device.

The PortaHopper® portable industrial mixing system is perfect for blend operations where quick changeovers for cleaning are required. Without dead spots, the system is particularly suited for applications that are sensitive to cross-contamination problems. It surpasses expectations across various sectors, including food processing.

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