Freezer Locks in Natural Flavor and Moisture

Offers heat transfer rates 2 to 3 times those of traditional modular cryogenic freezers

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Messer Wave Impingement Freezer

Designed for both IQF and non-IQF foods, the Messer freezer uses liquid nitrogen as the cryogenic medium. Product enters the wave impingement freezer on a vibrating, customized stainless-steel belt. The vibratory action is controllable for product size and integrity, and creates a wave-like motion along the length of the conveyor, separating individual pieces from surrounding product. As the product moves through the freezer, liquid spray and high-pressure gas form a frozen crust on each piece. The balanced automated exhaust vent reduces entry of outside air. The freezer comes in models from 17 ½- to 47-ft long.

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