Digital Sorters Satisfy More Stringent Standards While Improving Profitability

Advance high-performance sorting of food products

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Key Veryx 2 0 Digital Sorters

Featuring next-generation LED illumination and enhanced laser scanner technology, Key Technology digital sorters house all its utility components within the frame, eliminating the need for an external enclosure. Veryx 2.0 sorters include an artificial intelligence-driven monitoring tool that sends alerts if a critical foreign material (FM) event occurs, records a time-stamped image of each critical FM object detected by the sorter, allows an operator to verify the FM has been sorted out, and enables the understanding of FM trends and research sources of possible contamination onto the line. Sort-to-grade software can categorize every product defect and the dimensions of every object, and automatically make optimal accept/reject decisions, based on the defined target quality spec.

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