Filling solution ensures product integrity

Offers multiple functions for aseptic bottling

Sidel Combi Predis Aseptic Filling Solution
Sidel Combi Predis Aseptic Filling Solution

The Sidel Combi Predis aseptic filling solution integrates dry preform decontamination, blowing and filling functions with cap decontamination in a single enclosure. A hydrogen peroxide mist is injected into the PET preforms just before they enter the oven and is activated during the existing heating stage to sterilize them. The same technology is used for cap decontamination. The solution uses membrane-free magnetic filling for aseptic production. Able to achieve speeds from 10,000 to 60,000 bottles/hr., it handles still beverages or products with pulp, including those with high or low acidity, such as UHT milk and soy or yak milk.

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