Batch mixers offer shorter mixing times

Mix powder solutions in sizes from 50 liters to 4,400 liters of useful volume per batch

Gericke Single-shaft Paddle Batch Mixer
Gericke Single-shaft Paddle Batch Mixer

The new range of Gericke single-shaft paddle batch mixers feature rotating paddles that divide and blend sequentially the mass of product and generate a quick and intense movement of each particle through the mixing chamber. Due to the defined angles of the paddles, the mixer has both axial and radial dispersion. Using choppers, additional energy is applied to the product to break up lumps and ensure the dispersion of any agglomerates or liquids. The configuration of the mixer housing and paddle shape as well as the positioning of the infeed ducts for micro-components mean the mixing process is three to four times shorter than in comparable equipment.

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