System Turns Meat Scrap and Trim Into Higher-value Products

Also allows processors to enter the vegetarian market

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Preci Pak Powerheater System

The Powerheater system turns raw scrap and trim, such as poultry, beef, or pork, into shapes ranging from crumbles to strips or cubes of irregular shapes and sizes that mimic the appearance, texture, and bite of natural, whole muscle products. Ambient product fed into the continuous processing/cook system exits cut and cooked to the desired temperature at speeds up to 1.2 tons/hr. The system also creates vegetable analogues with the shape, texture, appearance, and bite of natural meat products. Typical applications include ingredient production for pizza toppings, snacks, fast food, ready meals, soups, and pet foods, such as chunks in gravy or jelly or meat-based snacks.

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