Poultry Portioning System

JBT's DSI 812 is an all-in-one waterjet portioning system with an integrated water pump that delivers all the benefits of DSI waterjet portioners at an accessible price and footprint.

Dsi 812 Portioner

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JBT's DSI™ 812 Waterjet Portioner utilizes waterjet technology to create precise cuts, minimizing waste and maximizing yield. Compared to traditional methods, this system provides up to 25% more yield, making it a cost-effective solution for protein processors.

The DSI 812 boasts a compact footprint, allowing for seamless integration into existing production lines, and is ideal for small and medium processors seeking to maximize utilization, throughput and flexibility. It also features an integrated water pump, eliminating the need for a separate room.

This system is ideal for poultry processors looking to optimize their operations and maximize profitability within a smaller footprint.

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