Hostess Brands Releases 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

The report details the company’s responsibility successes, in areas such as sustainability, over the past year, and describes its plans for the future.

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Hostess Brands has released its 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report, which reveals, among other issues, the sustainability achievements the company made during the past year to build a more responsible, modern-day entity.

Over the last two years, the company has reduced water usage by 25% on a per metric ton of product produced basis. Hostess Brands’ energy use and greenhouse gas emissions also have been decreased, by 14% and 19% respectively, on a per metric ton of product produced basis. In addition, last year, Hostess Brands began work on its first-ever Climate Action Plan to determine next steps to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy and water usage. The company will finalize the plan over the next two years.

Hostess Brands also conducted a detailed review of its packaging to identify opportunities to further reduce its carbon footprint and made strides in its use of recycled packaging materials year over year.

   Hostess Brands Adding New Bakery in Arkansas

Another of Hostess Brands’ sustainability goals is the creation of a sustainability-first bakery. In February of this year, the company purchased a brownfield site in Arkadelphia, Ark., and is in the process of converting the idled factory into a state-of-the-art bakery with a sustainability-first approach.

Using best practices from across the Hostess Brands’ bakery network, the facility will become the company’s most sustainable facility to date, and will serve as an example of one of the many environmentally conscious capital expenditure decisions the company has made. The bakery is expected to be operational in the second half of next year.

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