Kerry Launches Food Waste Estimator

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Kerry has launched a tool to raise awareness of food loss and waste, as it calls for collective action in tackling food security. Kerry’s Food Waste Estimator enables food manufacturers to determine the impact they can have in reducing global food waste by using shelf-life extension technology across their portfolios. Research has shown that approximately 50% of consumer waste could be prevented via shelf-life extension technologies—a saving that would meaningfully reduce world hunger.

Using a few inputs, Kerry’s estimator informs users about the impact that reducing food waste can have on the planet. It provides information on the number of additional people that could be fed, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide and water that would be saved by making simple changes to reduce food waste.

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Kerry’s technologies support the reduction of food waste through fermentation, vinegar-based ingredients, plant extracts and enzymes, alongside conventional organic acid-based preservatives like propionates and acetates. Taking a holistic approach, the company also supports manufacturers in creating a more circular flow of resources, repurposing products that would otherwise have ended up as waste. For example, spent coffee grounds being used for authentic coffee flavors and proteins are being converted into biofertilizers through fermentation.

Global VP for Food Protection & Preservation at Kerry Bert de Vegt, says, “Today is a reminder of the precarious global situation of food security. We all need to act and as an industry we must take immediate action in eradicating food waste within the food system through new technology and innovating together.  If the world reversed the current trend of food loss and waste, we could protect enough resources to feed three times the amount of undernourished people on the planet today. Our new tool provides simple but actionable insights for both consumers and the food industry and shows the real impact that shelf-life extension technology can have on food products.”

To access the Food Waste Estimator, click here

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