Live From IBIE: Steam-Powered CIP Pneumatic Conveyor Belt From Steamerica

The dry vapor steamer allows companies to sanitize and clean down conveyor belts without the use of excess water.

Quick hits:

  • The technology does not use chemicals.
  • The working speed can cover 5.9~39.4 inches per second.
  • The process does not require labor hours.
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Hi. My name is Ebony Young. I am the sales operational director for Steamericas, based out of Los Angeles, California. We're here at 7605 at the IBIE show, displaying our dry vapor steamer, which uses 0.08 gallons per minute, about 220 degrees at the nozzle which helps you sanitize and clean with no excess water and really no need for chemicals.

Today in our booth we'll show you our pneumatic conveyor tool, which is air driven that can clean mesh, interlocked, and wire belts from minimum four inches all the way to 60 inches. And our bakery customers are enjoying this accessory simply because there's no labor hours required. At this point, they're cutting back on chemicals, water usage and saving so much money on the labor hours that go into all of the manual cleaning by converting to our CIP pneumatic conveyor tool.