Labeler saves recipes for every container/label/adhesive combination

A single Allen-Bradley platform controls the labeler and glue system

B & H Marathon + GES 2.0 Labeler
B & H Marathon + GES 2.0 Labeler

Equipped with a fully automatic, extrusion-based, recipe-driven hot melt glue applicator, the B & H Labeling Systems Marathon + GES 2.0 roll-fed labeler applies adhesive to preprogramed locations on a label through a vertical pattern nozzle; the system offers consistent control over the amount of adhesive applied to a label, the position of the adhesive pattern on a label and the size of the leading and trailing edge glue patterns. The vacuum drum never contacts the pattern nozzle as it deposits glue on the labels. The unit runs all hot melt adhesives currently used for roll-fed labeling, as well as higher-viscosity adhesives.

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