Looking Forward to a Fruitful Collaboration

Amid helping hands and generous insight, I am grateful for the chance to lead ProFood World’s editorial coverage of the processes and technologies that make the food industry run.

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As we sent our October issue to the printer, we had just come from a very successful—albeit exhausting—PACK EXPO Las Vegas. In print pages, October was my first appearance as Editor-in-Chief of ProFood World. But in terms of meeting the industry’s movers and shakers, PACK EXPO was certainly my public debut.

I’m thrilled with how forthcoming, helpful, and friendly everybody was who I met along the way.

Members of the OpX Leadership Network were cordial enough to let me sit in on their Executive Council Meeting, and to join them for conversation over dinner. The opportunity to listen to their most pressing concerns and pain points elucidated perspectives I might never have heard otherwise.

Also during the show, our editorial team at PMMI Media Group took the occasion to meet with several of our magazines’ editorial advisers. It’s worth noting that the advisers for ProFood World showed up in considerably higher numbers. I don’t know if that’s more a testament to this industry or to the kind of respect and trust my predecessor, Joyce Fassl, has developed over the years. Either way, several of them let me know that they were at my beck and call just as they have been for Joyce.

Watch video   ProFood World's Joyce Fassl joins other PMMI Media Group editors to discuss innovations they saw on Day 1 of PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

I come into this role with a solid background in trade publishing—30 years covering manufacturing technologies in a wide range of industries. But to say I have much to learn in this industry is an understatement. I am stepping into the shoes of somebody who has so far devoted 35 years to knowing and understanding this market, its technologies, its processes—and the people that make all of it work.

Watch video   ProFood World's Aaron Hand joins other PMMI Media Group editors to discuss innovations they saw on Day 3 of PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

Joyce will continue to be an instrumental part of this publication. Though she’s chosen to scale back her workload, she’s not going anywhere, and for that I am grateful.

And I am grateful for everything I might learn from the industry and our readers. I look forward to working with all of you!

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