Monster Beverage Set to Buy Bang Energy for $362 Million

Subject to the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the deal will substantially expand Monster’s energy drink portfolio.

Monster to buy Bang Energy Drink

Monster Beverage and Vital Pharmaceuticals (d/b/a Bang Energy and VPX Sports) have entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement under which a subsidiary of Monster would acquire substantially all of Bang Energy’s assets. Those include Bang Energy’s performance beverages, related Bang Energy businesses, and a beverage production facility located in Phoenix, Ariz. Bang Energy’s performance beverages include Meltdown, Quash, Vooz, and Redline. This comes after a court found against the former CEO of Bang Energy and his company.

The deal is subject to certain terms and closing conditions, including U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval. (In October 2022 of last year, Bang Energy filed for Chapter 11 protections under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This came after a California jury decision to award Monster Beverage $293 million in a false advertising case against Bang Energy and its founder and former CEO of Bang Energy, Jack Owoc.) Monster Beverage’s purchase of the company would prevent the liquidation of Bang Energy.

According to a spokesperson for Monster Beverages, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has granted early termination of its merger review process.

   Monster Beverage Acquiring CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective

Since 1993, Florida-based Vital Pharmaceuticals, d/b/a Bang Energy and VPX Sports, has developed performance beverages, supplements, and workout products to fuel high-energy lifestyles. Bang Energy is one of the top energy drink brands in the United States. The company’s premium quality products also include keto-friendly Meltdown, Quash, Vooz, and Redline. 

Monster Beverage is a holding company and conducts no operating business except through its consolidated subsidiaries. The company’s subsidiaries develop and market energy drinks. Still and sparkling waters are developed and marketed under the Monster Tour Water brand name. Other subsidiaries develop and market craft beers, hard seltzers, and flavored malt beverages under several brands, including Jai Alai IPA, Dale’s Pale Ale, Dallas Blonde, Wild Basin hard seltzers, and The Beast Unleashed.  

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