Hiperbaric In-pack Unit Provides Flexibility for High Pressure Processing

Has an advanced design that offers the longest-lasting yoke and vessel on the market

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Hiperbaric In Pack Unit

Engineered for food and beverage processing, the Hiperbaric 525 in-pack unit can be configured as standard with the intensifiers installed on the floor or integrated with the intensifiers installed above unit. It offers the versatility to expand by adding more intensifiers to increase production. The unit’s advanced design features the longest-lasting yoke and vessel on the market.

The 525 model is Hiperbaric’s largest HPP in-pack unit, following the demands of customers with the largest production environments. With a 150-gal capacity and large 15-in. diameter, it can deliver approximately 7,080 lb/hr at 600 MPa/87,000 psi. Its capacity and low processing cost are unmatched.  

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