Delta T Systems Chillers Available With Built-in Redundancy

Deliver highest level of reliability

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Delta T Redundant Chiller

Delta T Systems, a manufacturer of industrial chillers, now offers built-in redundancy as an option for its full line of air- and water-cooled process chillers ranging from 1 to 15 tons of cooling. Adding a second chiller into one cabinet with full component redundancy is the highest level of reliability and has several advantages over other strategies.

Maintaining an extra chiller for each operation is a sure failsafe, but for double the investment. A process chiller with built-in redundancy provides the same level of protection against downtime with less initial cost. Most manufacturers’ redundant chillers integrate a second refrigeration circuit to provide backup and improve energy efficiency, but the unit is still vulnerable to other component failures.

Chillers from Delta T Systems with built-in redundancy feature two full chiller circuits with a single tank connected to and from the process. The redundant chiller has two compressors, two evaporators, two condensers, two water pumps, and two controllers. This true redundancy design provides an independent backup for each component, eliminating the risk of downtime and simplifying maintenance. The chillers can be serviced without completely stopping the system.

Delta T Systems’ redundant chillers alternate between the two water pumps every 100 hours. Both refrigeration circuits are constantly running, each at 50% of the required cooling, which is more energy efficient than alternating between them. If one refrigeration circuit goes down, the other runs at 100%. Regularly using both circuits in the cooling process equalizes compressor runtime and confirms that the backup circuit is fully functional.

Chillers with built-in redundancy are ideal for applications with variable heat loads or critical uptime requirements, such as data centers, energy storage, food processing, medical equipment, and many others.

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