Mixer has multiple capabilities

Models are available with 1- to 4,000-gal. capacities

Ross 10-gal. VersaMix Model VMC-10 Multi-shaft Mixer
Ross 10-gal. VersaMix Model VMC-10 Multi-shaft Mixer

Intended for mixing pastes, creams and gel-type products, the Ross 10-gal. VersaMix Model VMC-10 multi-shaft mixer can be used for powder dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, deagglomeration, homogenization, heating/cooling and deaeration, all of which are achieved in a closed system, without the need for any transfer steps. Rated for 29.5 inHg vacuum up to 15 psi internal pressure, it features a 3-wing anchor, high-speed disperser and high-shear rotor/stator that operate independently at different speed ranges to deliver uniformity in low- to high-viscosity conditions up to several hundred thousand centipoise. All the product contact surfaces are stainless steel type 316L polished to 180 grit finish.

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