Solution offers sterilization without chemicals

Helps produce aseptic packaging that respects people and the environment

Serac BluStream Solution
Serac BluStream Solution

Using ebeam technology, the Serac BluStream industrial sterilization unit can achieve a five log bacteriological reduction of Bacillus Pumilus on a 1.5L bottle in approximately five seconds, without leaving behind any chemical residue. The process employs an issuer that throws an electron beam over the container’s surface, destroying the microorganisms by breaking their DNA chains. Bottles are treated on two successive carousels, the first for exterior treatment and the second for interior treatment. Compatible with all types of plastic and all bottle sizes with neck diameters above or equal to 30mm, the treatment is effective for high-acid products, such as fruit juices, as well low-acid products, including cow milk, soy milk, vegetable milks and all nutritional products.

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