Mixer blends batches from 100 percent of rated capacity to 5 percent without liquid additions

Blends to 33 percent with liquid additions

Munson rotary batch mixer model 700-TH-140-SS
Munson rotary batch mixer model 700-TH-140-SS

Constructed of stainless steel finished to sanitary standards, the Munson rotary batch mixer model 700-TH-140-SS with an integral spray line offers the uniform distribution of liquid additions to dry bulk solids in trace amounts to large volumes in one to three min. Mixing flights of the rotating drum tumble, turn, cut and fold material, providing free space between particles, which recombine 288 times per min, and direct material toward and through a stationary, pneumatically actuated plug gate valve for total discharge. Featuring a usable batch capacity of 140 cu ft and a 271-cu-ft total capacity, the mixer is intended for dry bulk blending with or without the addition of coatings, flavorings, vitamins or other liquids to food products.

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