MULTIVAC Showing New Belted Chamber Machine at CheeseExpo 2022

The new unit allows for faster cycle times or cost savings

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New Product Multivac B 425 Chamber Belt Machine

The new MULTIVAC B425 belted chamber machine is the ideal solution for high-volume vacuum packaging of products in pouches. The chamber dimensions of the B425 make it unique in the industry: two extra-long 51-in. seal bars, with just 25 in. between the bars. This means for applications such as wedge cheese, cheese rounds, and smaller cheese blocks, there is little extra space between the seal bars, allowing for faster cycle times or cost savings by needing less vacuum pump capacity. The B425 can deliver up to 3.5 cycles per min at maximum vacuum level—the fastest belted chamber machine on the market. With MULTIVAC’s pouch cutting system and a shrinking and drying tunnel, beautiful vacuum shrink packs can be created at throughputs that can replace multiple double-chamber machines. The B425 belted chamber machine can be seen in action in MULTIVAC’s booth at CheeseExpo 2022.

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