Rogers Air Compressors Eliminate Risk of System or Product Contamination

Provide easy access to all major and routine maintenance components

Rogers Machinery Knw Series Group

Rogers KNW Series oil-free rotary screw air compressors provide ISO 8573-1, Quality Class Zero air, for oil aerosol, liquid oil, and oil vapor. All the fixed speed and variable frequency drive models utilize Kobelco Compressor two-stage, oil-free rotary screw technology.

The compressors have an oil-free rotary screw design that provides food and beverage manufacturers with the highest quality of compressed air, so they can produce the highest-quality products at the lowest possible cost, while eliminating the risk of system or product contamination associated with using oil-lubricated style compressors.

The smartly designed package is engineered to be service friendly with easy access to all major and routine maintenance components. As Lane Hawkinson, director of global sales, explains, “To us, the little things are the big things. From package design, component selection, serviceability, and customer aftermarket support. They all add up to the ultimate in compressor reliability, longevity, and peace of mind for our customers.”

All the fixed speed and VFD models have many unique features that increase compressor reliability and energy efficiency as standard, and are not found on competitive models. These features include an independent motor-driven oil pump for pre-lubrication of gears and bearings, solid-state reduced voltage motor starting, PTFE-type coating on rotors, and compression housing internals for corrosion prevention. The compression elements feature a cooling jacket incorporated into the castings, thrust balance compensation for long bearing life, and non-contact, non-wearing, free-floating air seals. A non-wearing labyrinth seal with two vents to the atmosphere ensures that no oil migrates into the compression area during normal operation or in a failed condition.

The compressor control utilizes an Allen Bradley CompactLogix Series PLC and 7-in. HMI with graphics. Compressor temperatures and pressures are monitored using smart sensor technology and I/O Link communication. Standard remote communication protocol is via Allen Bradley Ethernet IP. Other protocols, such and Modus and BACnet, are also available.

The model offering covers a wide range of customer requirements, from 72 to 2,300 cfm, 20 to 500 hp, and discharge pressures between 40 and 145 psig, depending on model and site conditions. They are available in air- or water-cooled configurations.

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