Freezer System

Unit simultaneously freezes different products with different freezing times.

Advanced Freezing Aat Freezer

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The AAT-Freezing BoxFreezer/VRT has a throughput of up to 30 tons per hr and is designed to simultaneously freeze different products with different freezing times for improved freezing quality. Due to the integration of Munters air dehumidifiers at the airlocks, ice formations rarely occur within the system. The BoxFreezers come with cooling systems with transverse airflow to cover a greater surface area with cold air. Cartons or crates are smoothly rolled into the systems to avoid damages of the product and its packaging. No carton or box is ever pushed. The product carriers (airflow shelves) are designed to be perfectly cooled down from all sides by cold airstream flows. Furthermore, multiple freezing zones within one BoxFreezer can be used and unneeded zones can be switched off for saving energy costs.

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