Rotary knife cutter offers greater shear and less impact

Yields end product with clean cuts in tightly controlled size ranges

Munson Model #4-SS Stainless Steel Rotary Knife Cutter
Munson Model #4-SS Stainless Steel Rotary Knife Cutter

The Munson Model #4-SS stainless steel rotary knife cutter cuts corn, spices, roots, grains and other foods into controlled sizes, with little or no fines or dust. It features a rotor assembly with 5 full-length knives that cut material against 4 stationary bed knives until the particles become small enough to pass through apertures in 2 large, semi-cylindrical screens. Material is gravity fed through the infeed hopper at the top of the cutter and into the star-shaped rotor assembly. On-size particles pass through a perforated screen with apertures from 3/64 to 2 in. and discharge through a flanged outlet by gravity or pneumatically. Optional feed hoppers are available with baffles and a slide gate to control flow for conveyor feeding.

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