Two out of three food processors are completely or partially compliant with FSMA

Most companies are well on their way to compliance with the FDA, according to a new study by PMMI Business Intelligence. Problem areas include dairy, produce and smaller companies in general that lack resources.

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Fifty-eight percent of respondents polled did say that documentation is the most difficult challenge. Machinery itself is still a challenge too. “Even though we are 100% compliant with FSMA,” said one director of engineering for a snack food company, “we are having issues with equipment, which needs to survive the sanitation requirements for complete wash-down. The motors, drives and controls all need to be stainless steel.”

Food processors are looking to OEMS for equipment that is operator friendly and delivers sanitary design, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, and robust data collection.

Source: PMMI Business Intelligence: Trends in Food Processing Operations, 2017.

Download the entire study here.

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