Nitrile Gloves

Eagle Protect’s Delta Zero five-point testing regimen lowers risk of cross-contamination and enhances compliance.

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Featured prominently on a growing range of the company’s nitrile glove packaging, the Eagle Protect Delta Zero badge certifies the products have undergone third-party laboratory testing, passing a stringent set of standards that guarantees adherence to the highest level of consistency, safety, and performance. The certification includes a five-factor safety and performance verification process, including third-party lab testing that ensures quality raw materials, and the absence of unsafe chemicals, toxins, and microbial contaminants that pose health and safety risks to glove wearers.

Eagle Protect adheres to a strict supplier code of conduct, which encourages independent third-party auditing, follows a single-source model. Through a recent partnership with Rfider, Eagle also added supply chain traceability for its product lines.

“In the effort to mitigate glove contamination risks to multiple industries and glove users, we’ve spent the last few years refining our Delta Zero verification process,” says Steve Ardagh, CEO of Eagle Protect. “It’s a proprietary, multi-layered, five-point testing process that ensures Eagle gloves strictly adhere to the industry’s highest level of safety and performance.

“We can reduce the risk of glove-related contamination in the U.S., provided suppliers source products from reputable manufacturers who adhere to the highest consistent standard of raw materials and quality manufacturing processes,” adds Ardagh. “The Delta Zero badge solidifies our commitment to reliable quality assurance and enhanced auditing practices, as represented by our unique Eagle Standard. We can assure our customers they’re buying a high-quality product, manufactured to the strictest standards of safety, hygiene, and performance.”

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