HMI/SCADA Software Gains Decision Support Functionality

New GE HMI/SCADA software offers monitoring and visualization capabilities, as well as work process management, analytics, and mobility.

Based on ISA high performance design principles, the software enables companies to troubleshoot faster, reduce waste and increase productivity. This can allow operators to spend less time navigating, find critical data faster, improve alarm resolution success, identify relevant screens for an alarm, increase usability, and achieve a faster build/deployment. The software features a context-rich HMI that changes as the user moves through the system. Navigation is derived from a structured asset model; using the model, the software always can provide operators with the most relevant information โ€” in context โ€” and minimize time to response. Additionally, the structured asset model mapped to the SCADA database significantly speeds configuration. Modern technologies such as HTML5 and Web HMI allow for centralized development and deployment, as well as accessibility anywhere in multiple form factors. Additionally, the portfolio has task management capabilities, triggering the right actions, at the right time, by the right person, in the right place based on alarms or other events.

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