Volkmann, Inc.

Bristol, PA 19007

Company Overview

Pneumatic vacuum conveyors, bulk back unloaders, bag dump stations, dust collection systems, weighing and dosing systems for contained, safe transfer. Conveyor systems are ATEX certified as explosion-proof by design.

Leaders in Processing
1900 Frost Road
Suite 200
Bristol, PA 19007
United States
Volkmann manufactures a range of high quality, high performance vacuum-based pneumatic conveying systems, bulk bag unloaders, rip and tip stations, delumpers, weighing and dosing and dust collection systems for the clean, efficient and secure handling of fine food powders, chemicals, granules, pellets and tablets. Manual suction lances, and feeding and docking elements for on-site equipment, containers and silos are also available to complement our equipment. Production facilities can now turn to Volkmann for contained powder transport from the receiving area through final packaging as Volkmann units provide a closed system with dust-free feeds. This contained transfer not only protects employees and the work environment, but also meets ATEX certification standards for explosion protection. Volkmann vacuum conveyors are driven by the patented Multijector® multi-stage pump, which uses a series of precision Venturi nozzles to increase both the generated airflow from a given air supply and to achieve a greater level of vacuum, thereby making it possible to convey in lean, dense or plug flow conditions and do so without segregation or damage. Conveying rates range up to 10,000 lbs/hour and distances can range up to 260 ft. as well as heights of up to 115 ft., with custom systems being built at times to accommodate higher distances. In most applications, however, the horizontal distances run to 150 ft. and heights extend to 65 ft. Densities are most frequently in a range between 6 to 150 lbs/ft3. Safe, quiet, hygienic and reliable, Volkmann conveyors feature such standard features as “No-Tools” assembly and easy cleaning, all stainless-steel contact parts, as well as designs conforming to cGMP standards. Our experience and product database along with our custom tests with your material, allow us to optimize your production process with the most suitable transport solution.
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