Cold Storage Monitoring System

The Sensaphone Sentinel monitoring system alerts personnel to temperature changes inside food storage freezers and coolers.

Sensaphone Sentinel In Enclosure

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The Sensaphone Sentinel monitoring system offers remote supervision of temperatures inside industrial refrigerators and freezers, in addition to other conditions that may affect cold storage units.

With the Sentinel system, operators can monitor refrigerator and freezer temperature, as well as ambient room temperature, humidity, vibration, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water leaks, power failure, and unauthorized access. If a sensor reading moves outside the preset range, the system sends a notification via phone call, text, or email to designated personnel for fast corrective action.

Operators can access real-time data around the clock from anywhere using a mobile device or computer. They also can check status information, change settings, disable alarms, and readjust temperature limits from the Sensaphone app. The system provides unlimited datalogging of critical environmental conditions over time, helping operators to identify potential equipment issues before they become major problems.

The Sentinel system constantly communicates a signal to the Sensaphone cloud to validate its online status. If the communication link is interrupted—for example, by a power outage or someone accidentally switching off the unit—the system generates an alert indicating that internet connection is lost, or there is a cellular communications problem. Users are notified through phone, text, or email about the disruption.

Sensaphone offers both cellular and Ethernet versions of the Sentinel system, housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure for protection from dust, dirt, and moisture.

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