Spiral freezer provides hygiene and space benefits

New options make it easier to clean and maintain

GEA A-Tec Spiral Freezer with External Gear Box
GEA A-Tec Spiral Freezer with External Gear Box

Built for food processors, the GEA A-Tec spiral freezer offers the option of a fan electrical motor and gear box located outside the unit, as well a low-profile top drive option that reduces the unit’s overall height by approximately five feet for use in confined areas. The freezer features a horizontal airflow that minimizes temperature rise from the top to the bottom of the spiral, while the sloped, fully welded, fully insulated floor of the unit removes the need for under-floor heaters. The sequential coil defrosting system, in combination with the static pressure control system, allows the freezer to run continuously for up to six days.

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