Oils extend gearbox life

Protect equipment and prevent wear

Klüber Lubrication MRO gear oil
Klüber Lubrication MRO gear oil

The Klüber Lubrication MRO gear oils line includes food-grade and nonfood-grade lubricants. Klübersynth G 4 PAO-based R&O gear oil and Klübersynth EG 4 PAO-based EP gear oil feature superior oxidation resistance. Klüberoil NH1 G 1 white-mineral-oil-based, food-grade gear oil has optimized antioxidant additives, while Klüberoil NH1 G 4 PAO-based, food-grade gear oil has oxidation resistance that extends relubrication intervals. Both are registered as NSF H1 lubricants for incidental contact with food. Klüberoil MEG 1 multipurpose mineral-based EP gear oil can be used to lubricate bearings, couplings and chains, in addition to gears.

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